Meet Zamboni

Something very exciting happened last week…this guy!

Zamboni the Dog

Zamboni the Dog

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you may have heard that I’m a total dog lover. One of the lamest parts of college was not coming home to a friendly furry face each day! Since graduating I’ve had the itch to adopt, but Nick — always being the wise one — thought it was best if we waited to make the committment. Well THE WAIT IS OVER. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

Anyway, here’s Zamboni’s story so far: after enough whining, Nick let me start doing research into adoptions a few weeks ago. I ended up finding a great shelter in Delaware, the Delaware Humane Association. We made our first trip last Thursday and went back on Sunday. That’s when we met Rocky.

Rocky (now Zamboni) is a lab/pit mix between two and three years old, and he arrived at the shelter by way of an owner surrender. It seems like before DHA, Rocky had a happy life but his parents were moving and he was unable to join them (for reasons we don’t know). And he was a perfect fit for us — the right age and breed we were looking for, with a great personality to match. He’s sweet and smart and so well-behaved (and housebroken, yes).

It’s only been a few days, but Zamboni has been fitting into our family seamlessly. We have a big yard so that’s where we play with him and toss around the Kong, the Holy Grail of dog toys. He’s a bit (ok, very much) of a chubster, so we try to walk him as often as we can so he stays active but doesn’t exhaust himself. And he hasn’t caused a raucous at all — we’ve left him home alone for a few hours here and there, and we’re pretty sure he doesn’t move a muscle after we leave. He hasn’t chewed anything around the house or barked, so he’s pretty much an angel.

Zamboni’s only been home a few days (since Thursday the 5th), but we couldn’t be prouder of how he’s doing. He’s such a great dog for us, and we hope that he’s happy in his new home — it’s something I wanted to make sure of before he made his social media debut. (You guys, I have so many Instagram-worthy pictures saved up already.)

Zamboni the Dog

Welcome home, Zamboni.