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Some reading to start your weekend…

Enjoy your Labor Day/four-day work week? The holiday is a good reminder of what Americans haven’t mastered: taking time off. [via Huff Post]

From Time, a look at a new American Dream: moving away from the suburbs.

Just in time for back-to-school: colleges made for Instagram. Hint: my alma mater makes the list. [via Buzzfeed]

More good information for students: those highly-recommended study methods may not be so effective after all. [via The Washington Post]

Two must-reads from the Poynter Institute on women and journalism: first, The New York Times is lacking when it comes to using female sources in news stories, while two journalists founded a magazine to highlight longform journalism produced by women.

From The Frisky, just a friendly reminder that those before/after fitness pictures you see on Pinterest aren’t exactly the real deal.

I’m sure you’re over the whole Miley Cyrus-VMA debacle, but Kate from Life Sucks In A Strapless Bra has a great post on why MTV needs to step it up.

Any good reads I should catch up on?

~ Sarah

P.S. I had a great time meeting some fellow Philly bloggers at the Philly Blog Love happy hour this week! Check some of the fab bloggers: Trend Hungry | Streets & Stripes | Her Philly | Shen Dove Style | Jessica Lawlor: Get Gutsy