We Go Together Well

Chambray Button-down – Old Navy (exact, half off); Dress (worn as skirt) – unknown, hand-me-down (similar).

Welcome to my first outfit post using manual focus. What. It’s a pretty exciting development, minus my zoom/head space issues (hello, no feet). Nonetheless, I’m proud of my photography progress. What’s next? ISO? You never know…

It’s about time this dress made it onto the blog. I’ve had it for well over a year now, it was a hand-me-down from my college friend Tracy. (Which is kind of crazy since we have nowhere near the same body shape.) It’s a versatile dress, but I tend to wear it as a skirt paired with a button-down. It’s just a good match. And this combination especially reminds me of something Michelle would wear because polka dots and chambray.

Wallet – Kohl’s (gift, exact on sale).

I also had to show off my new wallet. I’m obsessed with it, enough that when I went home I convinced my mom to order her own. It’s the absolute perfect size — small enough to fit in my smallest woven cross-body bags, but so much roomier and grown-up than an ID case. There are also nifty compartments for my coins and my SEPTA pass. And it’s teal. It was a long search, but worth it.

Any favorite outfit combinations?

~ Sarah