The Case Of The Frustrating Skirt

Blouse – unknown, hand-me-down (similar print); Belt – hand-me-down (similar); Skirt – Target (similar).

I don’t have much to say today, but I really wanted to get something up on the blog, so here you go. This is for two reasons: a) I finally finally purchased my own tripod (though it’s already giving me issues), and b) Meg from Yammering Yankee did me a lovely favor and designed some new social media buttons for me! Check it out, right-hand sidebar.

Also, do any of you have one of those pieces that you love in your closet but not so much on? That’s this skirt for me. I coveted it but I must’ve bought the wrong size because it doesn’t fit me where I want it to (on my waist) without lots of tugging and whichever belt I use never sits right. Frustrating, indeed.

In the meantime, there’s an 80% chance I’ll be in bed within the hour because I am really exhausted for no exceptional reason. The good news is tomorrow is payday, and then I’ll spend the afternoon with my boyfriend’s mom. We’ll probably go to Kohl’s because suburban Philly is super exciting like that.

‘Til next time! And if anyone has any tripod/manual focus DSLR tips they’d be greatly appreciated!

~ Sarah