Throwback Thursday: The Bronx Zoo

One long-honored Fordham tradition is Bronx Zoo Wednesdays. The idea is that you’re likely off from class (as most fun Monday/Thursday or Monday/Friday) so you’ll pay the zoo, just a 20 minute walk away, a visit to unwind — on a day which it is (very conveniently) free to the public (as are the nearby Botanical Gardens and many other city parks).

Unfortunately, my friends and I never had much luck with having those Wednesday afternoons free for the zoo— until the stars aligned the Wednesday before graduation (and the day of our senior ball). Nancy, Katie and I had a blast wandering the zoo before we had to get ready. My favorites were obviously the giraffes, because as I told them, who can’t relate to a giraffe? Personally, I relate most to their awkward clumsiness. Oh, and the rhinos and polar bear tied for second.

After the zoo, we decided we had walked off enough calories to justify slurpees from 7-Eleven — always a good strategy. It was pretty much a perfect Wednesday.

~ Sarah

P.S. Katie and Nancy are traveling cross-country this summer and writing a hilarious blog about their adventures! Tell them I say hi at Sunsets to Sunrises!