Peaches & Cream

Cardigan – Conway; Tee – J. Crew Factory; Tote – Barnes & Noble; Jeans – TJ Maxx; Flats – Payless.

I know I talk about the weather a lot, but I have good reasons for that. To be honest, the forecast has an impact on my quality of life and, of course, what I’m wearing. The temperatures have taken a definite turn for the warmer (finally), but shady spots and evenings are decidedly cool. So cozy cardigans and light scarves it is.

Scarf – Catherine Malandrino (thrifted).

Just in time for Thrifter Thursday is this black and white floral scarf, back from my one and only New York thrifting trip. Not a bad find though: if it wasn’t for thin, yellow script on the corner of the scarf I would’ve never known this was designer. Like real designer, down the runway, not Gap or something. As much as I’ve always liked fashion, I’ve always been more drawn to Seventeen and Ross than Elle and Saks. This scarf was a happy $5 accident in the Village.

~ Sarah