Spring Mint

Scarf – Street Vendor; Tee – Target (hand-me-down); Jeans – Conway; Flats – Payless.

Happy May! Here’s hoping the nicer weather is here to stay — it’s truly been too long. Even the last couple weeks temperatures have been flip-flopping, and it actually cools down at night here (a lot). What is that nonsense? And will I ever learn how to layer?

Actually wearing earrings!

This is going to be quite the month. The main event? Graduation. Finally. It’s a very overwhelming thing looming ahead, but I’m very much excited to start the next chapter in my life. Actually, it’s more like starting the next book in a series. I can’t remember not being a student, save for summer vacation, so this will be a change. A welcome one, nonetheless.

Lots of people seem to be panicking, and I certainly have those moments, but the litany of end-of-the-year events are something to look forward to. There are so many dressy occasions. We have a senior prom! My wallet is less enthused.

Also, I finally got that leopard scarf I wanted. Thanks, Queens street fair. Exciting things are happening.

~ Sarah

P.S. Thanks for the photos, Nancy!