A Thrifty Earth Day

Inspired by my laziness and Mary from Style That Moves, I wanted to share some of my favorite thrifted pieces in honor of Earth Day. Thrifting is one of the best things for the environment when it comes to shopping. You reduce the amount of new goods purchased, reuse older pieces, and can recycle (or upcycle) different pieces or fabrics. From reverse chronological order…

Sunflower Blazer: Do we even need to discuss why I love this blazer?

Election: I’m pretty sure I bought this silk button-down for $7.

Brights with Black: This black print dress is perfect for every season and business casual workplaces.

Truffula Trees Are What Everyone Needs: This silk pencil skirt is part of a suit. Total cost: $12.

Whomp Whomp Wedges: This floral dress is everything for the summer months.

Gardenia: This Caribbean Joe bag is my go-to for work during the summer. Bonus points for the hand-me-down skirt?

Eat (Cheese)cake: I love my polo dress for rainy days – it’s perfect for layering.

Besides thrifting, how else are you Earth-friendly when shoppping? My other tip: canvas shopping bags. Say no to plastic, y’all.

~ Sarah