Spring Training

Sweater, Jeans, Boots – Target.

I love this sweater – the texture, the neon, the $7 price tag on Christmas Eve. I especially love how it mimics a baseball tee, so laid-back and on trend. It has me itching for warmer weather, with this sweater being my warmest layer and ditching my boots (which I love, and can’t believe I haven’t worn on my blog ever) for sandals.

Earrings – Colombia; Bracelets – various.

Apparently this is the face I make when I have my friend Katie take pictures for me way past my bedtime. I have a hard time accessorizing in the winter (hats and gloves, you guys) but I wanted to girly up the look a bit with an arm party for La Petite Fashionista  and these pretty ceramic flower earrings. I have so many unique earrings that I really need to wear more.

How are you starting to transition to your spring wardrobe? And how do you keep your jewelry in rotation?

~ Sarah