The Return

chambray and red cords
Chambray button-down – Old Navy; red cords – Kohl’s (gift); boots – Target; necklace – Black Market Minerals.

I never know how to start my first blog post after a long hiatus. Do I even acknowledge it at all? I did want to say (write) that I miss when my blog was a daily part of my life, back when I started it after my freshman year of college. (What.) During the last two years of school, life has just gotten in the way, which is fine. That’s the point.

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a blogging break. That’s a little weird to say considering I only updated seven times all of the fall semester. And that was when I squeezed in blogging whenever I could. Taking a real purposeful break though? I don’t even remember when that was. And that was January for me.

Now it’s February, a new month, a new leaf – how is 2013 already flying by?! 2013 is a big year – well, as my boyfriend reminded me around New Year’s, every year is a big year – but this time I know I’m heading towards a turning point: graduation. Nothing to get into now, but it’s certainly on my mind between now and May (!).

Anyway, now to the outfit. This post is also a return to the chambray shirt. If you frequently ready fashion blogs, I know you’ve seen a hundred variations of this look by now. There’s a reason for that though – it works. And with my old chambray button-down (last seen here) not cutting it, I knew it was time for a new one.

I don’t frequent Old Navy much, but it is one of the few places I online shop. (That’s a maybe once a year, and I totally fell for their free shipping gimmick and I ended up purchasing $26 worth of extra stuff to save $7 on shipping. Whoops.) I’m always a size medium in their clothes, and one of my closet staples – my trench coat – is from there.I knew it was the perfect place to look for my new chambray – more relaxed, in a darker wash and with sleeve tabs. So thank you, Old Navy.

Statement necklaces are also big right now (pun not intended). This one, with painted wooden beads, has a colorful, bohemian vibe (and it’s adjustable, win). And what can I say about these pants, other than they’re fabulous and I love them? I love them. I hope they last forever (or as long as I fit into them).

~ Sarah