Fashion Inspiration: What’s Up, Doc?

I took an American film comedy class this semester, and one of my favorites had to the 1972 screwball comedy What’s Up, Doc? It’s a sort-of remake of Bringing Up Baby, starring Ryan O’Neal and Barbra Streisand (who returned to a comedic lead role in Guilt Trip this month). Streisand plays Judy Maxwell, an intellectual, troublemaker drifter type – with a killer ’70s wardrobe, of course.

The movie is set in San Francisco and Judy’s wardrobe easily translates into today’s trends – even 30 years later!

Outfit #1: “What’s Up, Doc?”

What's Up, Doc? Inspiration #1
Trench Coat – Target; Flared Jeans – A|Wear; Newsboy Cap – Kohl’s; Blouse – Debenham’s; Foldover Cluth – Target; Heeled Loafers – Kohl’s.

When Judy arrives in San Francisco, she’s bundled up for the brisk weather in a classic trench. Give your skinny jeans a break with these chic flared, dark wash jeans. Add some height with heeled loafers. Judy wears a floral red button-down, but any flowy red blouse will do. A trendy printed newsboy cap is the finishing touch to complete the iconic look. Grab a plaid clutch or satchel in an homage to the movie’s MacGuffin.

Outfit #2: “Don’t You Know the Meaning of Propriety?”

What's Up, Doc? Inspiration #2
Tuxedo Jacket – Forever 21; Sequined Tank – Forever 21; Pencil Skirt – JCPenney; Velvet Leggings – Mango; Stud Earrings – Debenham’s; Mary Jane Wedges – Charlotte Russe.

In one hilarious scene, Judy crashes a formal dinner, posing as Ryan O’Neal’s fiancee, Eunice Burns, or “Burnsie.” Judy wears a silk white pantsuit with a jeweled chocker necklace. This look can be adapted for a great dressy look, perfect for NYE. The centerpiece is this white tuxedo blazer, paired with a black sequined tank. You can opt for a white bottom, like this pencil skirt, or something more luxe, like velvet leggings. Mary-jane wedges are cute and comfortable for dancing all night. Complete with one 2012’s trendiest hairstyles, a topknot.

Have you ever seen What’s Up, Doc? Would you wear any of these outfits?

~ Sarah