Pumpkin Dessert: Hurricane Sandy Edition


Amazingly so, Fordham and the Bronx made it through Hurricane Sandy mostly unscathed. And as grateful as I was, that didn’t keep the intense cabin fever from setting in. Couple gray skies with no internet access, and what’s a girl to do, but bake some fall goodies?

I’ve been wanting to try pumpkin cheesecake since I found this pumpkin swirl cheesecake recipe from Good Housekeeping. But man, it did sound complicated – I couldn’t even understand the directions. Luckily, I found the easiest pumpkin cheesecake recipe from Food.com. Authentic? Probably not. Delicious? Well, let’s see what my friends had to say:


Yup. If you like cheesecake or you find the taste of pumpkin pie too rich, I definitely recommend this recipe!

~ Sarah

*grainy pictures courtesy of my Droid  and my WordPress app. Yeah no Internet.