Waverly Pl.

Crochet Bolero – hand-me-down; Tank – Sam’s Club; Skirt – Target; Belt- Colombia (handmade); Sandals – hand-me-down.

To say that summer in New York revolves around street fairs isn’t much of an exaggeration. Last weekend, Christine and I met up in Greenwich Village for one – we were lured by cheap cosmetics; I bought purple eyeliner, neon pink nail polish and Neutrogena¬†makeup remover wipes for just six dollars. There was also lots of browsing, gossiping and lemondade- and bubble tea-drinking.

It was hot out, and I knew I was going to do a lot of walking, so I needed to be comfortable. I also wanted to wear something colorful though. I was actually inspired by this College Fashion post¬†– the classic silhouette and the bright bohemian elements (the vest and belt especially). Turns out I had similar pieces in my own closet. When I couldn’t bear the thought of going near denim, I added my breezy, black skirt.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

~ Sarah