Styling a Sun Hat

Floral Sun Hat

Sun Hat – Publix; Lace tee – Dorothy Perkins; Shorts – Oasis; Bangles – Payless; Shoes – Sperry’s.

Yes, now I’m buying accessories at Publix (the supermarket for those of you not in the know) and Payless. It happens, ok? And yes, that sun hat, with it’s perfect blue floral print ribbon, is sitting in my closet, begging to be worn. The problem? I just don’t know how to style it, especially if I want to be the centerpiece of my look. My matchy-matchy tendencies don’t help.

If I had my dream closet though? This would be it – cream lace tee tucked into on-trend colored shorts (with a decent in-seam), with olive-colored Sperry’s and a mix of bangles to tie in the preppy and bohemian elements. So summery and comfortable-looking right? Too bad I can guarantee the outfit I’m going to wear to work tomorrow will not look like this.

How would you style a sun hat?

~ Sarah


P.P.S. Funny story about Publix today – I was on their website today looking for a picture of this hat I bought (as if it was Target or something.) And for some reason, I decided to look at their job opportunities. That’s when I found my dream job – a social media manager at Publix. Two of my favorite things. Unfortunately, my application was immediately rejected because I don’t meet the minimum requirement – an associates degree. Because I attend a four-year private institution that doesn’t offer such a thing. But it’s okay, Publix – next spring, I’m coming for you. I’ll teach you guys to use Twitter and Pinterest. I’ll even move to Lakeland, FL because that’s how much I love you.