Scenes from a City Weekend

I spent a great (and exhausting) weekend wandering around New York and exploring a few new-to-me neighborhoods. On Friday, I explored the Bronx a bit (Norwood, above) while on assignment and ventured all the way to Queens to see my dear friend Christine.

Saturday, I slept in unreasonably late, then headed to Midtown. I spent the late afternoon and evening catching up with friends who are living in the area for the summer, before booking to Grand Central and catching the Metro-North back to school.

On Sunday, I went to see the children’s show The TRUF is producing (playing until July 14!). Between shows, I got some fresh air and walked around Tribeca a bit. I also saw the construction of the Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center site. It honestly looked stunning in the late afternoon sunlight.

 Oh, and I also drank lots of sugary soda, even though I know better. Old habits and whatnot.

How was everyone else’s weekend?

~ Sarah