Dots & Denim

Denim Jacket – Easy Pickins; Dress – Target; Wedges – Payless.

For the first day after a vacation/trip home, Monday wasn’t half-bad. And the weather sure was a lot nicer than it was in South Florida. Very cool and breezy in the shade, but warm out in the sunny. The occasion called for a light dress and one of my new favorites, my denim jacket.

I love this dress, I bought it last summer and it’s great for layering. Pairing the polka dot print with just my wedges gives it a really girly feel, but that’s tempered a bit with the jacket. It’s a really different look than when I last featured it here. Also, I really love this denim jacket, but I’ll attempt to wax poetically about it another time.

I went down to Tribeca and stopped by the run-through for one of the shows The TRUF (the theater company I’m doing social media for) is producing. It was really cool to see the show taking shape – it opens this week!

In the evening, my roommate and I went grocery shopping and cooked dinner together. Most of Fordham’s summer housing is in a freshman dorm, so there’s only one kitchen for the whole building to use. It’s always really crowded and stressful. So my roommate’s friend let us visit her (much emptier) dorm and we used their kitchen. It was just so nice (in a relaxing way, not a fancy kitchen way). Plus, now I have leftovers for work today.

I will now leave you with this picture Jillian took of me during outfit pictures. Apparently this is the face I make when we hear a bang that resembles a gunshot off campus. Turns out it was just some illegal fireworks. Never a dull moment in the BX.

~ Sarah