Ahora Amo: Home Edition

So it’s actually been over a year since I’ve done one of these posts, but I figured it was the perfect way to recap my trip home last week, especially with my Instagram photos.

♡ going to the new Marlins stadium – and getting to watch the roof open after the game ♡ being able to wear jeans to a ballgame! In Miami! ♡ (overpriced) Key Lime chicken tacos ♡ seeing the Miami skyline ♡ Cuban food on Calle Ocho ♡ my new Miami Marlins shirt

♡ seeing my momma again ♡ taking an excessive amount of photos of my Shih Tzu Lucy, a.k.a. Panda ♡ catching up with awesome friends from home

♡ annual beach trip with Brittany ♡ lunch by the beach ♡ perfect beach weather ♡ pina colada smoothies ♡ the beach!

♡ lots of good eating with said family & friends (like Pei Wei and Olive Garden!)

♡ a cartoon of Hipster Dwyane Wade ♡ watching the NBA Finals in Miami (but not in person, of course!) ♡ getting stuck watching Game 2 at a Chili’s and losing the satellite (and then the electricity) because of a thunderstorm – makes for a good story!

~ Sarah

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