OTI: Fleur-de-lis

This week, Erica from North Meets South and Kayla from Freckles in April are hosting a whole week of Open to Your Interpretation(s). I love to participate in OTIs whenever I can, but I’m home this week so my wardrobe is rather limited. This is today’s inspiration:


I love the color scheme, it looks like a desert sunset or something! I also love the faded graphic tee – it reminds me of Thelma & Louise a bit. The golden color reminded me of an old print tank top, which was basically the centerpiece for my interpretation:

Tank – Target; Skirt – hand-me-down; Sandals – Payless.

Yeah, I failed at getting a detail shot of the print. But I really like this tank, and I think I may have to take it back to New York with me. I also found a bunch of jewelry I abandoned here once I left for college – it’s a whole new meaning to shopping your closet. I like this outfit because it’s easy, but I wish I had more summery, light pieces. I think I may do some real shopping soon – any suggestions for summer essentials?

~ Sarah