Truffula Trees Are What Everyone Needs

Top – Target; Watch – street vendor; Skirt – thrifted; Heels – Payless.

Let me reintroduce you all to my closet door. Until I buy a tripod here in New York, it’s the best I can do for a background when I prop my camera on my dresser. Boring, I know. But one day soon I’ll get a tripod and be legit, promise.

I wore this today for an interview for a summer internship. I’ll be doing social media a couple days a week for The TRUF, a non-profit theatre group. I’ll also be interning at theĀ Norwood News, a community paper here in the Bronx, part-time. It’ll be a busy summer, but I’m hoping to learn a lot.

And can I tell you about this pencil skirt? It’s one half of the suit I bought during winter break for interview purposes. Grand total? $12. And did I mention it’s silk? Thanks, Goodwill.

~ Sarah