Butterfly World

Sweater – Target; Tee – Target; Dress (worn as a skirt) – H&M; Tights – unknown; Boots – Target.

Happy Halloween! Hello November!

Unfortunately, my beloved camera has a dead battery and a missing charger, so I can’t share pictures from my Halloween (including my fun manicure!), so we’re just going to have to settle for these pictures from last week. From before the snow. Because, yes, snow happened. Uncool, New York, very uncool.

I was inspired by an outfit Lea Michele wore, which I found in this College Fashion post. I love celebrity street style, and this is one of the rare moments where I thought, “Wait! I have that in my closet!”

I decided to keep things colorful by grabbing my butterfly H&M dress and wearing it as a skirt. I kind of hate the blog-y term “remixing”, but I really have learned to expand my wardrobe by wearing dresses as skirts. In fact, when I bought this dress a few weeks ago, I was already dreaming up ways to transition it into the cooler weather.

I layered on a cable-knit short-sleeved shirt, plus my plum knit scarf (not seen). I couldn’t go bare-legged like Lea, so I added black tights and my riding boots.

Which celebrities do you follow for style inspiration?

~ Sarah

P.S. I got a B- on that Hitchcock paper, which I may or may not have  finished.