Things I Rather Do Than Write My Paper Today

I'm going to write about The Lady Vanishes...eventually.

So I have this eight-page research paper due for my Films of Alfred Hitchcock class. Any topic I want, I just need to include four source outside of our reading material for class and use MLA/APA format. Well then. Seeing as I’m feeling totally unmotivated/uninspired/came up with a vague topic yesterday during the Miami Hurricanes game, these are things I rather do than this paper:

♦ update my blog (check)

♦ do laundry (check)

♦ iron my laundry

♦ go to the bank (check)

♦ go grocery shopping (sorta check)

♦ make fun of Urban Meyer for saying that the 2008 Gators were the best college football team ever. (He’s an idiot.)

♦ watch what I’m sure will be a disastrous Dolphins-Broncos game

♦ start my other film paper due the 1st

♦ start my reading for my American studies class on Wednesday

♦ cook

♦ clean my room (check)

Oh, this is definitely going to be one productive Sunday. How do you productively procrastinate?

~ Sarah