License to Apparate

Guys, I really hate flying. Hate hate hate. Of course, this always begs the question, why did I go to school flying-distance from home?

The answer? I have no idea. Maybe the weather? Yeah, that may have been the wrong move.

I’m no Ryan Bingham, but I like to think I have picked up a thing or two during all my flights home. Essentially, how to pack light and master the perfect flying outfit.


Hat – Target; Scarf – Colombia; Shirt – Colombia; Shorts – Unionbay; Sandals – Kino’s; Backpack – Dickie’s.

For starters, a cute t-shirt (you can’t tell in the photos, but this one has a butterfly drawing on it) and shorts are always comfy. Drawstring shorts like these are ideal because you don’t need to wear one of those pesky belts you have to remove at security. Same goes for sandals – it’s all about slipping them on and off in a jiffy. A scarf that doubles as a blanket and hat that hides airplane hair and blocks light while you try to sleep are musts.

What do you wear when you travel?

☀ Sarah