Whomp Whomp Wedges

I know, I know — just when you think I have forgotten about y’all completely, I pull you back in. Or at least try to. Yeah, sorry about the awkward introduction, but I am tired. And quite possibly dehydrated. Oh, and I am lazy. Maybe I need a nap…

Dress – thrifted (Motherhood Maternity); Watch – Sharp; Wedges – Payless.

How do I know I’m lazy? Well, for starters, this outfit is from last Thursday. Also, I’ve been up since before eight, and I haven’t finished my to-do list, even though I primarily have to send out some emails. Living the life, right?

A floral pink dress and wedges is about as dressy as I’ll go, even though this dress has a decent amount of black. Maybe that’s why I added my gold menswear watch. Anyway, last Thursday was a special occasion that called for such a get-up. After my internship, I went to Central Park, Shake Shack (yum!) and saw Jersey Boys on Broadway. It was a quintessential Midtown evening.

I’ve been waiting to see Jersey Boys since my freshman year, so I’m glad I finally rushed the tickets. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a musical about Frank Valli and the Four Seasons. It’s a super fun show — the music from that era is my favorite, and the storyline is very cleverly told.

Unfortunately, I had a, erm, minor mishap on the way to the show. Somewhere on 8th, between 58th and 56th, my wedges just died on me. The voice inside my head went a little like this. Check out the damage:

Opposite of okay.

I actually had to go into a Duane Reade and buy flip flops for the show. Oh, and candy too, but the first purchase was very uncool. As for my wedges, I’m hoping it’s nothing a little lot of duct tape can’t fix. And if not, I guess I have another reason to buy shoes.

☀ Sarah