Work In Progress



Hey, you, reader(s)! Hey, hey, remember me? I know, I know, getting back into the whole “blogging” thing can be tough. Maybe I should make like my girl Elle and set a schedule or something. But I’m dealing with the double whammy of exhaustion and writer’s block – oof. The writer’s block is the tricky part because, you guys, I’ve actually been writing a lot for my internship at Lovelyish. And in that spirit, with a good dose of laziness thrown in, I present some of my favorite blog posts I’ve written recently.

4 Hot Nail Colors to Try This Summer

♡ SJP’s New Rom-Com May Not Suck, Stars A Grown-Up Carrie Bradshaw

♡ Do You Still Shop at Claire’s?

♡ I Tried It! My Manicure with Essie’s “Smooth Sailing”

♡ How Do You Deal with Catcalling?

♡ Chanel Has 3 New Nail Polishes I Can’t Afford

♡ I Went to an Early Screening of Larry Crowne – And Loved It!

Yep, that wasn’t self-serving at all. But now tell me, what have you all been up to? I hope you’re enjoying your summers – how is it already July, people?!

☀ Sarah