Link Love

Wow, it’s been awhile! I apologize for the lack of posts everyone, but I’m STILL unpacking at my summer apartment, and I’ve been blogging a lot for my internship at Lovelyish (read all my posts here). So until next week, I present you all with a mega-Link Love post! Happy Friday!


Looking for summer reading suggestions? The HuffPost compiled a list of the best novels to take place at college.

Speaking of books: better children’s book titles.

A sweet story of a package finally arriving after over 60 years – perfect for Memorial Day.

It’s no secret I love hats. The Frisky picked out great fedoras, for under $30.

From Buzzfeed: everyday things you didn’t know had names.

I never had an American Doll, but I can still appreciate this post on The Hairpin about how American Dolls influenced your life.

Also from The Hairpin, how to discount shop – without looking cheap.

Has anyone seen Bridesmaids yet? One of its stars talks about how the movie is changing the face of comedy.

My brother’s last day of high school was today – it made me feel super old. You know what else makes me feel old? This list from Buzzfeed.

The AV Club breaks down famous stars who “uglied” themselves up to get Oscar buzz and the like.

There’s a new book out about ESPN, and it sounds like a must-read.

I’m a huge fan of the blog Penny Chic, and I’ve been obsessing over these California vacation looks. Which one is your favorite?

~ Sarah