Ahora Amo



♥ May flowers ♥ the prospect of moving into my summer apartment ♥ my GO! San Diego team ♥ Tumblr – yes, I said it ♥ anything related to Pirates of the Caribbean ♥ old-school, Rat Pack Las Vegas ♥ finishing my sophomore year ♥ florals ♥ my oxford heels ♥ finally finding a place to set up my tripod-less camera for outfit photos – the week before I move out ♥ funfetti cake ♥ memes ♥ Taylor Swift’s “Mean” video ♥ getting an A- in my ridiculously tough intro course to my American Studies major ♥ getting excited about starting my internship soon! ♥ my new LBD for my brother’s high school graduation ♥ freshly painted nails ♥ having more time to blog – for now ♥



☀ Sarah