Fully-Charmed Life

As much as this weekend has been all about long hours at the library preparing for finals, last weekend was about spending lazy days with friends and dancing the night away. Fordham has an annual Spring Weekend, featuring a Friday night DJ, an outdoor concert and BBQ and a spring semi-formal. This year, the mashup duo The White Panda and the 1990s band Third Eye Blind came to campus. A few photos (and outfits)…

With my future roommate Alyssa before The White Panda.

Dress – Target; Blazer – borrowed; Headband – Ross; Earrings – Eastern Market.

With Alyssa and Katie, Third Eye Blind concert.

Fedora and dress – both Target.

With my friend Nancy, also at Third Eye Blind (before it got really hot out).

Sunglasses – Chinatown; Chambray shirt – unknown.

At our Under the Tent Dance. 

Dress (borrowed) – Forever 21.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there, and happy 20th birthday, Nancy!

~ Sarah

P.S. I couldn’t help but share this wonderful video. Moms are the best.