Studying is hard and boring.

Wow, so I took a long, unannounced blogging break. I, like always, have a good excuse: we were finishing up our last week of classes. I spent most of the week either in class, the caf or the library, so I guess it’s fitting that I took these pictures in a study lounge. These also aren’t the most flattering pictures, but it is what it is.

Dress – unknown store on Fordham Rd.; Cardigan – unknown/thrifted; Belt – unknown; Scarf – Colombia; Headband (one of three) – Ross; Oxford Heels – Payless.

I didn’t realize how many cheap, thrifted and hand-me-downs make up this outfit until I had to write it out! Regardless, I’ve been dreaming of this outfit since my first fashion inspiration post based on An Education. My new oxford heels finished the puzzle – and yes, I am obsessed with them.I wore this outfit to my last day of work – I’m part of a mentoring program for Latina students here in the Bronx. We had a little graduation ceremony for the girls, so I took the opportunity to dress up.  It was a cool, rainy day, so I also grabbed my go-to trench (seen here). What do you guys think? And how are you all dealing with classes and exams wrapping up? I for one am thrilled, and hopefully my finals won’t be too overwhelming.

Good luck!

~ Sarah