In the Sun

I spent most of last week back in South Florida for Easter break, and while I intended to blog, I got caught up shopping with my mom, enjoying great Latin food and not doing any homework. It was great being home, but before I knew it I was back in the Bronx. Instead of being greeted by cold, gray skies though, I found my sunny campus completely in bloom.

Today was even better – it hit 80°, and the good kind where you can still tolerate being outside. It was wonderful. The occasion, of course, called for a dress.

Dress – Ross; Oxford Heels – Payless.

This certainly isn’t my most spring-y dress, but since I bought it last week (for just $8.99!), I couldn’t resist wearing it today. I kept it simple today by just adding my oxford heels. Yes, you read that right – I finally have in my possession the oxford heels I’ve been lusting over since September. NBD. Except it totally was, because not only did I find these “out of stock” shoes, but they were twelve dollars. A whole outfit for just over $20? Better believe it.

Like I said, I kept things simple, perfect for a day back from vacation. I barely even accessorized, except for small silver hoops. (I left my two favorite rings back home – bummer.) I can already tell this dress is going to be a favorite of mine. I love the that the stripes are cream and not white, the boatneck-esque collar, the buttons at the waist. It even has pockets! And while I know spring just kicked off, I’ll be able to wear the dress come autumn with colorful tights. Pretty exciting, I know.

And the shoes? A dream come true.

~ Sarah

P.S. Thanks for being my photographer, Christine!