Ahora Amo

A collection of all the small things that I love at the moment…

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♡ Skyping with old friends from home. I love catching up, especially after such a long time. ♥

♡ My new printer – the HP Deskjet 3050. It’s not as fancy as my old printer, but guess what? It works! Life is so much better when you can print papers at the last minute have a printer.

♡ The 60’s Oldies station on Pandora. Old-school perfection – I wish they still made music like that.

♡ Elizabeth Taylor


This screen siren passed away nearly a month ago, and for a week or so, the most beautiful pictures of her were circulating on television and in print. One of the last great movie stars, the vivacious Taylor left behind quite a legacy.

♡ Selena


Selena Perez was a Mexican-American singer who popularized Tejano music in the U.S. She was killed in 1995, but her music continues to influences countless of fans. On YouTube, you can still find hundreds of video tributes to her. My favorite songs, which I’ve been playing on a loop, are “Como La Flor”, “I Could Fall In Love” and “Dreaming of You”.

West Side Story

I love this movie, and we recently watched a lot of clips from it in my American Studies class. One of my favorite scenes? Rita Moreno singing “America”.

♡ Natalie Wood


You know how some girls worship Old Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? Well, I adore Natalie Wood, who coincidentally played Maria in West Side Story (although she did not do the singing herself). Like Taylor, Wood was a studio star. Like Monroe, she met an untimely death.

“Not even analysis, by itself, can transform you. You must still do the changing yourself.”

♡ Black, white & red

There’s just something so classic, chic and polished about black and white ensembles paired with just a touch of red. Love it.

♡ These shoes.

Payless ShoeSource - Womens Shoes, New Arrivals Womens - Dexter - Harbor Boat Sling - Payless Shoes Payless ShoeSource - Womens Shoes, New Arrivals

Why, hello Payless. We need to get reacquainted a.s.a.p. See a trend with these picks?

~ Sarah