Link Love

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One of those sweet, nostalgic stories no one tells anymore: a wallet is found in New York City after being lost for forty years.

From the Sun-timesa breakdown of some of The Social Network‘s best scenes. If you’re a movie buff, you don’t have to like the movie to find this fascinating.

From Cracked: secrets as to why Hollywood movies suck.

Cute and affordable must-haves for spring!

A (male) lawyer argues why women are better at almost everything than men. Makes sense to me!

From Elle, 25 things every women should know.

This is hilarious (at least to me) – college as told by stock photos.

And finally, a freshmen dorm at Fordham put together this crazy lip-dub to Cee-Lo’s “Forget You (FU)”. You can watch the video on Vimeo here.

Which links are you loving this week? And enjoy your week, everyone!

~ Sarah

P.S. See, I can talk about something other than the Oscars!