Link Love: Oscar Edition

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It’s finally here, my favorite night of the year – Oscar Sunday! In case you aren’t as obsessive as I am about the Academy Awards, but still want to be kept in the loop for the ceremony, I’ve complied a list of great Oscar articles. Read on, people.

☆ Ricky Gervais, who was the center of controversy after hosting this year’s Golden Globes, has a few scandalous and hilarious ideas for James Franco and Anne Hathaway’s opening monologue

☆ A great Q & A with the New York Times movie critics, all about awards season

☆ Her Campus breaks down the ten Best Picture nominees. Which one is your favorite?

☆ This is pretty cool for a nerd like me: one Lego-lover re-creates scenes from the year’s best movies

☆ Also, be sure to check out of my favorite blogs, The Golden Grouches, for hilarious analysis on all the major categories.

☆ Because Ellen DeGeneres and Neil Patrick Harris are awesome, they decided to re-enact some of the Best Picture nominees 

☆ And some of the greatest quotes and catchphrases in film. I LOVE MONTAGES.

Keep checking my blog or day, or follow me on Twitter, because this is only the beginning of today’s Oscar bonanza. And I’m not even joking.

~ Sarah