I Hate Valentine’s Day

… okay, I guess that’s kind of a lie. My hatred towards this holiday has abated over the last couple of years, but it’s far from a favorite. It’s not because I’m single and bitter or whatever. It’s a lot of little things that bother me about Valentine’s Day. The candy, for example? Not the best. And the fact that people get so wound up and dread every year – why does a holiday create so much misery? This many people don’t hate Halloween or Christmas or, I don’t know, Passover. Valentine’s Day breeds stupidity like no other holiday – and that includes New Year’s Eve, because people do so many dumb things leading up to the 14th.

Then there’s the “romantic” gestures. I don’t find cheap red roses or boxes of chocolate very romantic. And who would want to go out to dinner at a restaurant so crowded you can’t even hear your date? There’s just so much pressure, and I would rather celebrate a relationship because I wanted to, not because society and Hallmark did. Not that it’s bad to celebrate love, but I don’t think it should be coerced; it should be encouraged every day. And yes, I am one of those lovey-dovey, overly-affectionate and huggy people that says “I love you” and “te amo” at the end of nearly every conversation with my loved ones, and means it.

Oh, and I also don’t like pink all that much. Eh, it’s okay. My personal Valentine’s Day tradition? Wearing black. That’s my way of being a sourpuss without insulting everyone. Or at least trying. But this year, since I was actually in a decent mood, I mixed up by wearing black and white striped shirt. Big step.

Shirt- Macy’s; Pendant- Black Market Minerals.

I was this close to wearing a pink lucite heart necklace, but that would’ve defeated the purpose, so I added my new favorite pendant. It’s hard to tell since it’s cat-eye, but it’s purple and awesome. Oh, and if I’ve depressed you too much about today, you should cheer up by reading this New York Times article about a snow queen finally marrying her king. So sweet – it’s not like love is dead or anything! Anyway, for my lovely readers, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day if that’s your sort of thing, and if not, happy Monday!

~ Sarah