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Hope everyone had a great Super Bowl Sunday! Enjoy this week’s link love!

The Hollywood Reporter explains why the Super Bowl will move to cable. Honestly, I’m okay with this, because it means when Fordham loses their satellite signal during the Super Bowl at least I’ll be able to log onto

From Gizmodo, some beautiful pictures: photos of day, taken at night.

And all the rest of my links are from Time since that pretty much constitutes my current reading material…

Why are college students so stressed out? I can think of a few reasons…

A new megacity is being planned in China – really cool but really overwhelming at the same time.

Aww… the American Kennel Club has recognized new dog breeds. Too cute.

You can now get a master’s degree in The Beatles, like this woman did.

And finally, my favorite commercial from last night… Yup, I wish my childhood was like this.

What links are you loving this week? And which commercial was your favorite last night? Leave a comment – or a link!

~ Sarah