I’ve Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Right now, I’m all craving is sunshine. And warm sunshine, not the cold and crisp sun of the winter. The snowfall has been constant, and since the warmest temperatures still hover around freezing, it’s barely melting. Everything is gray and dull. We haven’t even had any snow days to ease the pain of winter – only delayed openings and early closings (it’s not the same!).

Since I don’t have classes on Wednesday and work got cancelled, I haven’t left my hallway today. I have food in my room and we have a small fast food place attached to my building, so when I’m ready for lunch, that’s where I’m heading. I need to buy flowers or something, because it’s all so dreary out. Luckily, I have pictures from my trip to Key West about a month ago to remind that there are colors besides gray and brown found in nature…

Dusk from Mallory Square
Cloudy Sunset
Ernest Hemingway's House

Six-toed cat!

Southernmost Point

Why did I ever leave paradise???

Seriously though, that groundhog better be right because it needs to be spring already!

~ Sarah