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I think the title of this post is so appropriate – I adore Oscar season, and every single year I look forward to the nominations. I’ve been waking up early for years on random weekdays in weekdays in the winter to catch the announcements live. I even held a real statuette last year at a special exhibit in Midtown. That’s right, my love for the Academy Awards is utterly shameless.

Right now, I’m working on an article for my school paper with full analysis of the nominations. Here are my quick thoughts though, in case you didn’t catch me on Twitter this morning. (And if you’re not a big movie buff like me, get used to me blogging about the awards a lot this next month.)

– so glad to see Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Her character is actually the lead, but it’s super exciting that’s she’s being recognized. She’s only fourteen!!

– I’m also really excited to see Helena Bonham Carter being nominated for The King’s Speech (Supporting Actress). Many critics have said that while she gives a solid performance, she doesn’t have any big scenes. I just love that I totally bought into her performance as the Queen Mother, the picture of propriety, when we’re so used to seeing her in crazy and quirky roles directed by her husband, Tim Burton. Love her.

– thank goodness Mark Ruffalo got a Supporting nomination. He was projected to get the nod, but since he is constantly being overlooked, I’m glad he’s finally getting attention for his work in The Kids Are All Right.

– Julianne Moore, Ruffalo’s co-star in Kids, was shut out of the acting categories. For various awards, she’s been listed as either supporting or lead – maybe that ended up hurting her? At least Annette Benning (also from Kids) was nominated, but I don’t think she can defeat Natalie Portman – this is her year. Which brings me to…

– Annette Benning always getting nominated the year Best Actress gets locked up by another actress. She’s like the new Kate Winselt (but older).

– Completely shocked by Javier Bardem’s nomination for Best Actor! Didn’t even know he was in something other than Eat, Pray, Love. Likely took Mark Wahlberg’s place (The Fighter).

– then again, Ryan Gosling was also snubbed. Weird (unexpected) that Michelle Williams got the nomination over him

– Chris Nolan is out for Best Director, the Coen Brothers are in

– really happy that Toy Story 3 got nominated for Best Picture

– I’m going to say it now, expect the final Harry Potter to be nominated for Best Picture next year. The movies keep getting better and the Academy will look for a way to reward the eight-film franchise. Plus, with ten nominees, there’s plenty of room to nominate it. Yay.

You can see the full list of nominees here. Anne Hathaway and nominee James Franco are hosting the Academy Awards on Feb. 27th.

~ Sarah

UPDATE: My article has been published, so if you still want to read my full analysis, you can check it out here.