FU Dead Week

I hate falling behind on my blogging, and I usually like to give warnings when I’m going on a hiatus. I blame the one I’m on now on finals week: thank you, Fordham University. Still, I think that’s a pretty legit excuse, don’t you? And it’s gotten to the point that I needed my friend to change my Facebook and Twitter passwords (thanks, Claire!). If that’s not rock bottom studying-wise, I don’t know what is.

… Then again, my friends Alyssa and Katie study like this:

That’s right, strike a pose! Love you guys.

I’m pretty sure most college kids are on break right now, but Fordham is lame- I don’t fly back to Florida until Tuesday night, after I take two more finals that day. And for those of you still suffering with me, happy studying!

~ Sarah

P.S. This is my 100th blog post! And of course, I write about being a lazy bum with no self-control. Stay classy, Fordham.