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I’ve never been the biggest fan of Thanksgiving- I guess it’s because I come from a small family and I actually really hate turkey. Regardless, it’s a great opportunity to remind yourself about everything you’re thankful for. This is what I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving, some important and some trivial, but all worth being thankful for:

♥ my family

♥ my dogs

♥ my friends

♥ unlimited texting-

so I can stay in touch with said friends

♥ Fordham

♥ New York City

♥ my plane ticket home to Florida

♥ the semester almost being over

♥ my blog readers

♥ music

♥ Oscar season

♥ the Patriots having a great season

♥ my GO! San Diego team

♥ YouTube

♥ my photographs

♥ letters from faraway friends

♥ visits from friends and family

♥ Johnny Depp

♥ D-Wade

♥ food- and lots of it

♥ having my own television

♥ fresh manicures

♥ Skype

♥ understanding professors

♥ my cousins

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! What are you thankful for this year?

~ Sarah