Not-So Secret Garden

The weather here in New York has been all over the place these last few days (thanks, autumn) so I was thrilled when this Wednesday the skies were clear and sunny for my first-ever trip to the Botanical Gardens.  It’s actually pretty lame that I hadn’t been before. “The Botans”, as the cool kids call it, are literally across the street from the Fordham campus in the Bronx. I was there for about an hour or so, meaning I only got to see a bit of the grounds. Regardless, it is beautiful.

Okay, I really tried to limit myself with the number of pictures I posted here. And obviously, they don’t capture the beauty of it all. The Botanical Garden is this wonderful oasis – you would never guess you were in New York City, let alone in the Bronx! I honestly felt really zen there, which I realize sounds ridiculously cheesy. All the green is just soothing. I love that while everything is well-maintained, the flower beds and all aren’t overly manicured. It gives some parts of the Botans a rustic feel. It’s the perfect locale for an Alice in Wonderland-themed photo shoot. (I did see a rabbit scurrying around after all!) I can’t wait to explore it more once the leaves change and maybe even after the first snowfall.

~ Sarah

*Oh hey, throwback post! This is originally from early October – whoops!