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From Time magazine, 10 Things You Should Know About Christopher Columbus, aka the reason I’m off from classes today.

The AP recently posted the 5 most generic rom-com titles. Personally, I think putting together a list of the 5 most original romantic comedy titles would’ve been more of a challenge.

Esquire magazines provides legitimate, realistic advice on how to show your love.

25 odd college courses: I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t mind enrolling in some of these!

As if I need another reason to love Johnny Depp.

Video Love

Speaking of Mr. Depp, he resembles a homeless person in his latest movie, The Tourist. It’s okay, because it’s Johnny Depp. The movie looks entertaining, but unfortunately Angelina Jolie is part of the package. (I actually have never seen one of her movies, so this will be my first.)

John Lennon’s 70th birthday would have been this past Saturday. Watch Google’s tribute to the Beatle. Happy Birthday, John.

I’m more of a Coca-Cola gal, but I still enjoy this Pepsi “My Generation” spot.

My awesome friend Isabela directed a new video, “Being”, a recreation of her first animation, “Eraser Critters”. It’s Isabela’s entry for the SCAD Film Challenge, so definitely check it out!

Which links are you loving this week?

~ Sarah