Walking the Walk

Just a few hours ago, I talked the talk when it came to my football team. Too bad my team didn’t walk the walk. The game was a bloody mess and it was hard to watch. Now, I’ve already written about the 5 stages of being a sports fan, but now I can you can see firsthand my emotional downfall, for lack of a better word.

Yeah, it wasn’t the best Saturday night… Things we’ve learned after this weekend in college football:

– the SEC is going through a power struggle right now, but it’s still the best conference in the game

– the state of Florida pretty much officially belongs to the Florida State Seminoles, dammit

– the ACC is just a wild, wild mess- typical

– with all of the undefeated teams and strong one-loss teams, BCS bids are essentially up for grabs

That’s football for you.

~ Sarah