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From Time magazine, A Day in the Life of a Fashion Week Model.

Speaking of Fashion Week, an inside look at FNO from a regular college girl, my friend Jenna at Lipstick, Lies, and Learning.

Every College Girl tells us about new habits to adopt while at college.

The best looks from the Gossip Girl season premiere, via FabSugar. Which are you favorites? And what did you think of the episode? Overall, I thought it was kind of eh.

Buzzsugar presents this fall’s top movie picks. What are you guys looking forward to watching? I’m already looking forward to cheap movie tickets back in Florida!

Speaking of movies, here are some flicks that would’ve been ruined by Facebook. Can you think of any others?

The Frisky lists 10 celebrities with Ph.Ds. James Franco is one overachiever…

Sorry, no videos this week- hope the extra articles and blogs made up for it! I had a very busy (but great!) weekend. Do you have any links to share?

~ Sarah