Staying In Touch


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Our generation is certainly a unique one. The world has changed so much in just the last couple decades, we’re the very first to experience plenty of new developments. I think one thing that differentiates us from older generations is that  young people today are so migratory- between school, work, extended trips abroad, and our hometowns, we’re literally all over the place. With our friendships and relationships all spread out, it can be hard to stay in touch throughout the year. Here are a few of the things I do:

♥ Skype

Sometimes, you just really need to see someone face to face. And when we can’t have someone in person, Skype (along with iChat or Oovoo) is one of the best solutions. I love making Skype dates with my girlfriends, especially the ones I rarely talk to. It’s a great way to catch up, and you can show off your new surroundings or your latest shopping finds. I also looking forward to Skyping with my mom back in Florida. Oh, and did I mention it’s free? Win.


This definitely doesn’t work with everyone- I mean who really wants to have a conversation via text? But it’s great to send someone a spontaneous text if something suddenly reminded you of them. It’s also a good way to keep talking throughout the day even when you’re doing a million and one things. While we’re at school, my friend Sheila and I never really sit down for a real conversation with each other, but we text practically all day, so we always know what’s going on in each other’s lives.


Let’s be clear: I’m not talking about random comments on statuses or links. Or using their lame chat feature. During summer, my friends from school (you know who you are) and me had an extensive Facebook thread. We left each other updates about our daily lives, funny stories, and the occasional video (um, Alyssa). It was great because you can update the same group of friends at your leisure. When we saw each other again in August, there was no need for a marathon catch-up session, we could just jump right into having fun together again.


You know, old-school. You can pick up your cellphone and actually dial a number. Kind of like this adorable kitten:

Too cute.
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Nothing can replace the feeling of getting a letter in the mail from a faraway friend. It’s great to know someone misses you enough to spend the time to write you a thoughtful card or note. Plus like my friend Erika says, there’s just something about communicating the same way people did hundreds of years ago, sending long love letters like in Pride & Prejudice. Plus, stationery is just fun!

Do you have any tips? How do you stay in touch with your family and friends?

~ Sarah