Summer’s Top Sports Stories

Hey everyone- I’m back, though this may be a short-lived return to blogging. I just couldn’t resist posting on today, the start of college football season. Now that fall sports are officially underway, it’s time to look back on this summer’s top sports stories.

5. Favre Fuss

The only reason that this guy is even making this list is ESPN practically shut down once the story broke that maybe Favre would be returning from “retirement” once again. Personally, I could care less- he’s not playing for my team. However, many people feel otherwise, and it is amazing to see a forty-year old as the starting quarterback for an NFL franchise.

4. College Football Upheaval

There was a lot of messing around with the football conferences this summer. For a while, it seemed like mega-conferences were about to be formed. In the end, the Pac-10 picked up two new schools and Nebraska shifted from the Big 12 to the Big 10. Some of the changes won’t go into effect for a couple more seasons, so it’ll be awhile before we fully know how college football’s landscape will change. Good luck keeping up with all the changes.

3. The Year of the Pitcher

For baseball pundits, this question may be debatable, but sports fans have to admit that pitchers have had quite a few accomplishments so far this season. There have already been five no-hitters, including not one but two perfect games. And there would’ve been three if it wasn’t for Galaragga’s nearly perfect performance. Across the league, ERA is also lower than usual. Plus, there’s this kid, Stephen Strasburg. Not sure if you’ve heard of him, but he’s sort of a phenomenon. The guy single-handedly sold out a Nationals-Pirates game. Strasburg will be missing all of next season, but for now there are plenty of talented pitchers to pick up the slack.

2. Free Agency Frenzy

July 1st set off a free agency firestorm unlike anything ever seen. With some of this generation’s greatest players up for grabs, teams did everything in their power to try and land a superstar. (I’m looking at you, Knicks.) When the dust settled, LeBron James surprised everyone by “taking his talents to South Beach” along with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The moves made this offseason will help shape the course of pro basketball for the next decade, and that’s no exaggeration.

1. World Cup

If you were expecting a different event to top this list, well, I guess you didn’t read my blog early this summer. The FIFA World Cup only comes around every four years and this year’s tournament, the first to take place in Africa, was one of the most-anticipated. From all sorts of drama in the group stage to Spain being crowned champions for the first time ever, the 2010 World Cup was certainly one to remember.