So Long, South Florida

Instead of my usual Link Love post, I’m going to do something a little different this Monday. My summer is sadly winding down. I fly up to New York on Wednesday and I start classes next week. This may be my last post for awhile, because things always get so hectic at the beginning of the year. I’m kind of excited to start studying again, but I’ve also had a great summer at home. I came back from New York with a newfound appreciation for my home. Of course, there are still the things that get on my nerves, like the heat and tropical storm updates at the beginning of every newscast. But this what I’ll miss the most:

♥ My family

♥ My friends

♥ My lovely dogs, Sammy and Lucy

♥ Publix- Where Shopping Is A Pleasure

My library

♥ Seeing college football merchandise everywhere (It’s All About the U)

Sawgrass Mills Mall

Latin American food

♥ Anything mango-flavored

♥ Always having access to the beach- even if I went once

♥ My internship and my awesome co-workers

♥ Cheap movies

♥ Marlins baseball

♥ The Y

♥ Listening to sports talk radio with my dad

♥ A/C everywhere!

♥ My mom’s Tempur-Pedic mattress

♥ Palm trees

♥ Seeing color everywhere! The trees, the grass, the flowers, the sky!

♥ The Publix Bakery


♥ My room

♥ My wonderful high school teachers

♥ Walking around barefoot on my tiled floor

♥ Not having to pay for my groceries

♥ Orange juice!

♥ Not having to hoard bananas

♥ Watching the evening news

It’s the little things that count. What do you miss most when you’re away at school?

See you at Christmas, Miami!

~ Sarah