I’m Lovin’ It

A couple of months ago, Gracey blogged about her summer obsession from Starbucks. Now, during my last week of summer, I have finally found mine: McDonald’s Fruit Smoothies. I’ve had three in the last four days, even though I can only imagine the sugar content. For just two bucks and change, you too can have a creamy, Strawberry Banana smoothie. The portions are much more manageable than Jamba Juice, and I really hope McDonald’s adds more flavors soon. Yum! (Oh, and the smoothies come in plastic cups which makes me feel better than Jamba’s stryofoam¬†ones.)

Another one of my summer’s obsessions has been Colombian food. I really, really missed it.

My favorite soda.
Carne con arroz y platinos.
Yummy Juice

I’m not sure how I’m going to go on. Less than a week left in my summer.

~ Sarah

*this is not a sponsored post.