Slick Willie

Despite my love/hate for politics, I’ve only blogged about politics a few times. This isn’t meant to be a politics blog, and I’m not about to try to impose my political views on my readers. I’m lucky though because many of my friends from home also are interested in politics and current events, and we’re not afraid to actually get involved with the process. I’ve spent most of summer interning with a campaign, Kendrick Meek for U.S. Senate. It’s been a great experience. One of the highlights though? Seeing former President Bill Clinton give a speech last night. Yes, that Bill Clinton. No big deal.

Kendrick and Leslie Meek alongside Clinton
So Close to a Handshake!

Honestly though, it was a great experience, and I feel really lucky to have been there volunteering, especially with some awesome friends. Clinton gave an excellent speech- he’s brilliant. He’s also not as tall as you think, but no matter. He’s still the President, and I was literally five feet away from him. We practically breathed the same air! It’s no surprise that I ran on adrenaline for the rest of the night.

~ Sarah