The ESPY Awards

The Emmys may still be more than a month away, but we all know Hollywood loves a good award show. And last night, the 18th Annual ESPY Awards filled that mid-summer void. I love the ESPYs because it combines two of my favorite things: sports and Hollywood. Like host Seth Meyers said last night, “It’s like a Kardashian sister’s bedroom.”

Although the red carpet coverage was a bit tedious, the athletes, from Reggie Bush to Lindsey Vonn, cleaned up just as well as the actors and models. (I mean really, which girl doesn’t love seeing the whole U.S. soccer team in sharp suits?) During the show, Meyers and other comedy veterans like Steve Carrell and Andy Samberg poked fun of the year in sports. No one was safe, and that means you, LeBron and Tiger. Here are some highlights:

The show wasn’t all laughs though. It was about reliving great sporting moments, from the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl win to Landon Donovan’s goal against Algeria. The ESPYs also honored those who have persevered and faced their lives with courage, including Denver Nuggets coach George Karl and the family of slain coach Ed Thomas.

Like previous ceremonies, this year’s ESPY awards made for a fun and emotional night. Did you watch the ESPYs? What was your favorite moment?

~ Sarah