Mission: Accomplished

Chris Bosh (left) will be joining Dwyane Wade in Miami

I was seriously getting worried.

With all the ridiculously hyped media scrutiny surrounding the NBA free agents, I was starting to fear the worse, that Wade would abandon South Florida in favor of his hometown, Chicago. I was already planning my post ranting about heros and abandonment issues. Luckily for you guys, I didn’t have to go there.

This morning, I was enjoying a Krispy Kreme donut when I turned on Sportscenter. The bottomline was flashing “breaking news” and Josh Elliot made a wonderful announcement: sources were reporting that Dwyane Wade was staying with the Miami Heat- and Chris Bosh, formerly of the Toronto Raptors, was joining him. Like any other lame sports fan, I reacted by a) gasping b) cheering to myself and c) texting my best friend.

After the initial excitement wore off, panic set in. What is these unnamed “sources” are wrong?!? It certainly wouldn’t be the first one. And then Chris Bosh practically gave me a heart attack onĀ Twitter but refusing to acknowledge the reports. When I got to work, I was so anxious to hear an official announcement from the organization or the players that I kept refreshing ESPN.com. Too much to handle.

A bit after noon, ESPN’s website live streamed an interview with Wade and Bosh, confirming their plans to sign with the Heat. Nearly my whole department was listening in, and I know relief finally set in. This whole free agency ordeal was akin to torture sometimes. Please, NBA, never again.

And now, it’s all about excitement and anticipation. Plus, now speculation is rampant about whether the King himself, LeBron James, will join his two buddies in South Beach. Could you imagine? Boston’s Big Three would have nothing on (insert lame nickname for Bosh/Wade/LeBron here).

So what do you guys think of free agency so far? Where do you think LeBron will sign? Personally, I’ll be surprised if he stays in Cleveland but I don’t think he’ll end up in Miami either.

Oh, and by the way Wade and Bosh: no pressure to win a championship. No pressure at all.

~ Sarah