5 Reasons I Love the Library

When I was a kid, summer always meant a few things for me: no school, swimming pools, and… trips to the library? (Yes, I was a nerd even back in elementary school.) Summer has always been the best time to catch up on reading- you have hours upon hours to spend reading. But besides checking out books, here are five other reasons to go to your local library:

5. Online Services

Technically, this doesn’t require actually going to your library. Still, it’s great to check out your library’s website to see what services they offer online, such as e-books or digital collections. My favorite feature is placing holds. I can easily browse the catalogs and place holds for items I want to check out. It’s awesome because I can place holds for items that aren’t available in my particular library, but are at other locations in the county. I don’t even have to drive to another location, because my holds will be sent to whichever branch I choose.

4. Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re having trouble finding a job this summer, or just don’t have much to do, check your local library to see if they need volunteers. Throughout high school, I volunteered at my library once a week. Responsibilities vary, but you may shelve books, decorate bulletin boards, help organize events, or tidy up community space. You’ll learn a lot about how libraries really work. It’s a great way to help out your community and meet new people.

3. Library Events

Libraries are always hosting activities and events for the community, especially during the summer months. Just this month, my local library is hosting movie nights, open-mic nights, crafting clubs, language classes, seminars, and computer classes! (Previous events have included book fairs and yoga classes.) The library offers something for everyone, and the best part is many of these events/classes are free.

2. DVD/CD Rentals

I’m really lucky because my library has an absolutely fantastic selection of DVDs and CDs. Checking out CDs at the library offers a lot of musical options, and it’s a legal way to obtain free music. There’s a wonderful variety of movies too, from old-school comedies like Bringing Up Baby to newer releases like An Education. I’m constantly placing DVDs on hold. Plus, because it’s free of charge (unless you want to count the taxes you pay) there’s no need for me to go to Blockbuster or subscribe with Netflix.

1. Relax and Discover Something New

One of the best things about libraries is the peace and quiet they offer. It’s easy to relax while you go through book shelves, or find a comfy armchair to do some reading. There’s no rush at all. And if you spend time regularly at the library, it’s only a matter of time before you learn something new. Whether it’s a new favorite book or hobby, libraries are great place to grow and discover something new about yourself.

What do you think? Do you love going to the library? What are your favorite things about it? And what are you planning to read this summer?

~ Sarah

P.S. Happy Birthday to my friend Vince! 🙂